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How to choose a non-stick pot, non-stick pot coating which is good?

1. The manufacturing process of the pot is mainly divided into three types.


Kitchenware non-stick pan FDA certification FDA food grade test introduction

Kitchenware non-stick pan FDA certification FDA food grade test The US Food and Drug Administration is located in Washington, DC, and Rockville, Maryland. It has a large organization with branches throughout the country.


Can you cook vegetables in a stockpot?

Yes, but not recommended. The materials for making soup pots such as soup pots are generally stainless steel, aluminum or titanium.


What is a die casting pot

The die-casting pot is made of cold-rolled sheet by servo-simulation cold extrusion and CNC machining. After cold extrusion, the internal structure of the sheet is fine and fine, and it has high strength and surface hardness.


Knowledge of die-casting pot and imitation die-casting pot

The process of imitation die-casting pot is generally similar to that of stretching pot.


Quality Control Points for Die Casting Pot Production

To ensure product quality, a quality control point of the die-casting pot must be established in the primary part of the entire production process.


How to use and maintain the pot

Nowadays, there are more and more types of pots on the market. They are bought and used indiscriminately without maintenance. They will break down after a long time. The following small series will give you a few common maintenance methods for the pot.

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