Knowledge of die-casting pot and imitation die-casting pot

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2022-05-27 14:13

The process of imitation die-casting pot is generally similar to that of stretching pot. It also uses aluminum sheet, but the aluminum sheet of imitation die-casting pot is thicker. It is pressed by a forging press, and the cost and threshold are increased. Generally, small and medium-sized factories can manufacture it. The thickness of the pot body is significantly higher than that of the stretching pot, which is similar to the thickness of the real die-casting pot. The domestic mid-end market and the Americas are more common.

The process of die-casting pot is relatively complicated. It needs to melt the aluminum ingot into aluminum water, and then inject it into the die-casting machine. intuitive judgment. The most common non-stick cookware in Europe, the process cost is relatively high, the pot body is thick, the heating is uniform, and it will not deform. Generally, only large factories have the strength to manufacture them, and they are mostly used for export.

Of course, the production process is only one aspect, and it cannot directly indicate the quality of the pot. The non-stick pot also depends on the technical level of the coating and spray coating.

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How to choose a non-stick pot, non-stick pot coating which is good?

1. The manufacturing process of the pot is mainly divided into three types.


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