How to choose a non-stick pot, non-stick pot coating which is good?

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2019-04-19 16:37

1. The manufacturing process of the pot is mainly divided into three types.

The first is a stretching pot, which has the simplest process and lowest cost. For the production of non-stick pot, is generally the use of aluminum sheet, with a stretching machine, from the stretch. Domestic market is the most stretching pot, low price, low production threshold. It can be made in a family workshop. The pot body is thin, burning for a long time, the bottom of the pot will even deformation.

The second is the imitation die-casting pot, the process is generally similar to the drawing pot, the same use of aluminum sheet, but the imitation die-casting pot aluminum sheet is thicker, the use of forging press pressing, the cost and threshold have been improved, the general small and medium-sized factories can be manufactured. The thickness of the pot is obviously higher than that of the stretching pot, which is similar to that of the real die-casting pot. Domestic middle market, America is more common.

The third is the die-casting pot, the process is relatively complex, need to melt aluminum ingot into aluminum water, and then injected into the die-casting machine, through the mold molding, the pot body without rivets, generally stretching pot and imitation die-casting pot body have rivets, this is the most intuitive way to judge. The commonnest see at Europe nonstick boiler has, craft cost is opposite taller, boiler body is thicker, be heated even, also won't be out of shape. It is big factory ability has manufacturing ability commonly, and use at exporting more.

Of course, the production process is only one hand, can not directly explain the quality of the pot, non-stick pot but also to see the coating and spray coating technology.

2. Non-stick pot coating.

On the current market for non-stick pot coating, mainly divided into fluorine coating and ceramic coating.

At least 80 percent of the nonstick pot coatings on the market are fluoride-coated, teflon PTFE, or silicone, including the hottest mefan stone nonstick pot, and most of them are also such coatings, not stones. Of course, you do not need to worry about it toxic, as long as the formal brand of fluorine-containing coating, are harmless. For example, dupont, huafu and ilag are all good coating brands. As far as I know, woll and WMF use dupont's high-end coating series. Fluorine coating can not be used more than 260 degrees, will destroy its stability, for the normal cooking, there is no need to worry, if the food to 200 degrees, already burned into coke ~~

The other is ceramic coating, using nano ceramic technology, by molecular tightness to achieve non-stick effect, really does not contain PTFE PFOA, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, high hardness, the only drawback is not sticky effect is not good, not good continuity.

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How to choose a non-stick pot, non-stick pot coating which is good?

1. The manufacturing process of the pot is mainly divided into three types.


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