Quality Control Points for Die Casting Pot Production

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2022-05-27 14:16

To ensure product quality, a quality control point of the die-casting pot must be established in the primary part of the entire production process.

1. The quality control point of raw and auxiliary materials is to check the quality assurance documents of aluminum ingot suppliers and auxiliary material suppliers, and self-inspect the chemical composition of aluminum ingots and aluminum liquid. And check the operation of the degassing and slag removal process of the molten aluminum.

2. The first, last and process sampling quality control points are set for the castings in the die casting production. The primary inspection content is the surface quality of the castings and the reflection of the bubbles after baking.

3. The quality control point of the casting cleaning process, firstly check the quality status of the castings after manual cleaning, car edge, polishing, shot blasting, sand blasting, etc., including lack of meat, scars, peeling, etc.

4. The quality control point of casting coating, mainly check the surface quality, spray film thickness, sintering temperature, coating function test.

5. For the quality control point of the bottom of the die-casting pot, firstly check the bottom of the car for defects such as pin shrinkage.

6. Casting baking quality control points; focus on controlling the baking temperature, baking time, and quality inspection and response after baking.

7. The quality control point of the mold is mainly performed by the quality officer of the mold department to check whether the size of the new mold equipment is correct, and whether the mold sprue sleeve and the hole diameter of the die-casting machine press chamber are consistent. Assuming that the new mold has a special structure, check whether it is in place. Repair the old mold, check whether the repaired part is in line with the repair sheet, whether there is any loss, etc.

8. Vacuum pump negative pressure quality control point: It is necessary to check whether the vacuum pump is working normally and whether the vacuum negative pressure value meets the process requirements.

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